Our Faculty


The Economics area has made significant contributions through teaching excellence, impactful and policy-relevant research, consultancy services, and social outreach activities. Economics being the mother discipline to other management domains, the area has offered core courses across all programmes launched by the Institute, and several elective courses in the flagship MBA programme. The curriculum and teaching pedagogy followed has earned acclaim from academic peers and students for its rigour and contemporary relevance. It has attracted faculty members from reputed universities and institutes in India and abroad like The University of Calcutta, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Indore, and The National University of Singapore with specialisation in the fields of Development Economics, Labour Economics, Monetary Economics, Econometrics, International Economics, Industrial Organisation, Public Policy and Business Governance, Game Theory etc.

Finance & Accounting

The Finance & Accounting area engages in imparting cutting-edge knowledge in finding solutions to contemporary issues in the finance and accounting discipline. It aims at developing a deep understanding of financial principles and practical skills to excel in various finance professions. Faculties offer innovative courses that train students to solve real-world problems. Core and elective courses are designed that build financial acumen across various areas, including financial markets, private equity, investments, and business valuation. Area offers advanced courses in accounting, risk management, banking and finance including forensic accounting, financial and accounting frauds, bank management, financial risk management and corporate governance. The Finance & Accounting area is also a part of the University Affiliation Program of the CFA Institute, USA.

Information Systems & Business Analytics

Information Systems & Business Analytics are two interconnected fields that play a critical role in modern business operations. An information system is a collection of hardware, software, and data and Business analytics is the practice of using data, statistical methods, and computer-based tools. The area offers courses that provide MBA aspirants with skills to manage business information and process and analyse them for meaningful insights. The area offers plethora of elective courses on IT Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies in Industry from the Information Systems area and advanced analytics electives like Data Mining & Predictive Analytics, Advanced Predictive Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Mobile Applications and M-commerce and Text Analytics. The faculty in the area are involved in research in e-governance, IT strategy, IT capabilities, recommender systems, natural language processing and Machine learning techniques.

The innovative Legal Studies and Responsible Business (LSRB) is designed to meet the evolving needs of the business landscape, addressing the rapidly changing legal system in India and its implications for businesses. The LSRB area offers courses on emerging topics such as labour law, business law, competition law, privacy law, CSR, ESG, and the start-up ecosystem. It also introduces Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Legal compliance for start-ups. The area aims to capture global trends in legal compliance and responsible business practices, incorporating them into the MBA program. The LSRB initiative at IIM Ranchi seeks to promote legal compliance as a crucial aspect of modern business education and foster a deeper understanding of responsible business practices in a competitive environment, preparing students to navigate the complex intersection of law, ethics, and management in the global business world.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

The first of its kind in the Indian management institutes, the Liberal Arts & Sciences area at IIM Ranchi is the most diverse and interdisciplinary area. The integration of liberal arts and sciences into management education aligns with the vision of the institute, which envisions the multifaceted and holistic development of the students. The area offers core and elective courses in Business & Managerial Communication, Communication Skills, Indian Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Ethics, Sociology, Business Law, Fine Arts, Foreign language, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, etc., to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students at the institute. The area also runs popular MDP, FDP and certificate courses designed to enhance critical thinking, analytical skills, and humanitarian values to academia and industry participants.


The Marketing area is a dynamic and vibrant department that offers a range of courses, research programs, and industry engagement activities. The faculty members in the marketing area are highly experienced with strong academic backgrounds. A wealth of academic and professional knowledge is brought to the classroom by seasoned faculty members. The curriculum is intended to provide students with a firm grounding in marketing concepts and methods as well as cutting-edge perceptions of the most recent developments in marketing trends and technology. The area focuses on preparing students for the ever- evolving marketing landscape by offering students various opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills through live projects, internships, and industry interactions. Apart from the academic curriculum, the marketing area hosts various events such as marketing fests, guest lectures, and workshops.

Organisation Behavior & Human Resource

Managing people is at the core of an effective organisation. The Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource area prepares students for effectively managing their organisation by imparting people management knowledge and skills. The area members have expertise in core human resource functions, micro dimensions of organisational behaviour, and macro-organisational dynamics. The area offers core courses on learning and development, recruitment and selection, compensation, performance appraisal, and industrial relations and specialised courses on contemporary topics in human resource such as HR Analytics and HR Consulting. The area also imparts training and knowledge in micro-organisational issues such as employee motivation, decision making and wellbeing at workplace. The area members collaborate actively with IIM Ranchi’s Rekhi Centre of Happiness to conduct research, consultancy, and training on happiness and well-being.

Operations Management

The thrust areas of Operations Management area in teaching and research comprise supply chain management, project management, operations management, service operations management, optimisation, and mathematical and statistical analysis. The area has actively undertaken research targeting contemporary issues of globalisation of supply chain, the dynamic and uncertain environment in manufacturing and innovations due to the fourth industrial revolution, and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The faculty have published in international journals of repute, contributed to textbook and book chapters, and won many awards in international conferences. The faculty are also involved in multi-disciplinary research work and training programs in other areas.

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

The Strategy & Entrepreneurship area focuses on providing students and managers with the essential skills and knowledge needed to plan and execute the right organisational strategies. Apart from the core courses on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, we offer various electives on corporate strategy, Competitive and Cooperative Strategy, Strategic Transformation, International Strategy, Design Thinking & Innovation, Management Consulting, and Business Dynamics, to mention a few. The courses prepare participants well for guiding strategy in small firms, large organisations, and entrepreneurial startups. They also familiarise students with various analytical tools and techniques and their applications in the field of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.