Our Faculty

Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade – II)
  • PhD  IIM Shillong
  • PGDM  IIM Indore
  • B.Tech NIT Patna

Dr. Deepak Kumar is an assistant professor in the accounting and finance area. He is a Ph.D. from IIM Shillong and PGP from IIM Indore. His area of research includes Corporate Finance, Applied finance, M&As, and International business. He teaches subjects such as Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, etc.

Teaching Areas

  • Financial Accounting,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Taxation,
  • Mergers and Acquisition,
  • Financial Management


  • Assistant Professor, Accounting and Finance, School of Business, UPES, Dehradun (Jan 2021- March 2022)

Research Area

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Applied Finance
  • International Finance


Journal Articles:

•           Kumar, D., Saikia, A., & Mundi, H. S. (2022). Domestic, inbound and outbound M&A activity interdependence in Brazil. Managerial Finance. (ABDC-B)

•           Mundi, H. S., & Kumar, D. (2022). The potential of alternative investments as an asset class: a thematic and bibliometric review. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets. (ABDC-B)

•           Kumar, D., & Sengupta, K. (2020). Abandonment of mergers and acquisitions: a review and research agenda. International Journal of Emerging Markets. (ABDC-B)

•           Kumar, S., Kumar, D., Sengupta, K., & Giri, T. K. (2020). Through convergence and governance: embedding empowerment in community development interventions. Community Development Journal. (ABDC-B)

•           Kumar, D., Kumar, S., Sengupta, K., & Giri, T. K. (2019). Examining the Role of Policy and Cultural Determinants on Sectoral Export Competitiveness: Evidences from India. Global Business Review, 0972150919868341. (ABDC-C)

•           Kumar, S., Kumar, D., Sengupta, K., & Giri, T. K. (2020). Impact of community-based business model and competitive advantage on exports: evidence from diamond industry. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal. (ABDC-C)

•           Kumar, D. and Sengupta, K. (2020). Factors affecting the electricity transmission and distribution losses: evidences from BRICS countries. Int. J. Global Energy Issues. (ABDC-C)

•           Kumar, D. (2021). Meteorological barriers to bike rental demands: A case of Washington DC using NCA approach. Case Studies on Transport Policy. (ABDC-C)

•           Mundi, H. S., & Kumar, D. (2021). Financing discretionary payout via debt or equity–evidence from India. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies. (ABDC-C)

Seminars and Conference Presentations:

•           Kumar, D. (2022). Payment System Technologies in India: UPI, IMPS and NFS transactions, 21st Conference on Global Systems Management: Flexibility, Resilience and Sustainability, April 21-23, 2022, Indian Institute of Management Shillong, India

•           Kumar, D., Sengupta, K. and Bhattacharya M. (2022) Informal Institutional Influences on M&A Abandonment, AIB Conference 2022.

Projects/Technical Reports:

•           Sengupta, K., Bhattacharya, S. N., Kumar, S., & Kumar, D. (2019). State Finances of Meghalaya. 15th Finance Commission

•           Sengupta, K., Gogoi, B.J., & Kumar, D. (2019). Assessment of Planning, Implementation and Socio-Economic Impact on Beneficiary Households under MGNREGA Category B Asset Creation in Meghalaya.