Our Faculty

Soumya Sarkar

Associate Professor
  • Fellow (Marketing), IIM Calcutta
  • PGDBM, IIM Calcutta
  • BE Metallurgical, Jadavpur University, Calcutta

After making a career in industrial marketing spanning fourteen years, Soumya Sarkar took a break and completed the doctoral program (known as the Fellow Programme) in Marketing from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He had also completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from IIM Calcutta. He is interested in research in Corporate branding, Reputation, Strategic marketing, Popular culture, and has papers in peer-reviewed journals like Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Corporate Reputation Review, among others. He teaches Marketing Management, B2B Marketing and Sports & Entertainment Marketing courses in IIM Ranchi and has also taught previously in IIM Udaipur and XIM Bhubaneswar. He has conducted and taught in management development programmes on topics like sales, B2B marketing, marketing communications, and entrepreneurship. Soumya Sarkar is a Metallurgical Engineer from Jadavpur University and had worked in marketing, sales, research & development, and manufacturing in a global leader of welding products. During this tenure he had been a Product Manager for two diverse product lines, interfaced with field sales team for marketing inputs, interfaced with R&D for product development activities, and had handled end-to-end brownfield expansion and operations of an independent manufacturing line.

Teaching Areas

  • Marketing Management
  • B2B Marketing
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing


  • Assistant Professor, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar
  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Udaipur
  • Product Manager, ESAB India Limited

Training & Consulting Areas

  • Strategic Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Connect through Communication

Research Area

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business-to-business Marketing
  • Branding
  • Popular Indian Culture

Current Research Interests

  • Strategic Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Connect through Communication

Professional Affiliation

  • Marketing Science Institute (MSI)
  • Associate Member of Indian Institute of Welding (IIW)


    Refereed Journals:
  • Ponchio, Mateus Canniatti, Soni, Mayank Jyotsna, Singha Mahapatra, Mousumi & Sarkar, Soumya. (2023). Using item response theory in the assessment of the financial well-being scale: An application in Brazil and India. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 41(7), 1671-1692
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  • Conference Proceedings:
  • Majhi, Siddharth G., Dutta, Tanusree, Mukherjee, Arindam, Sarkar, Soumya, & Parasar, Parth R. (2019). Impact of cognitive flexibility on decision making quality: Mediating role of individual ambidexterity. 2019 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference Proceedings, (ISBN-1861-8243), Editors: Fabio Babiloni, Simona Romani, Rumen Pozharliev, Martin Reimann and Oliver Schilke.
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  • Pranjal, Piyush & Sarkar, Soumya (2018). Brand Alignment in the Business-to-Business (B2B) Context: A Phenomenological Perspective. Proceedings of the 18th Consortium of Students in Management Research (COSMAR-2018) (ISBN: 978-93-88237-25-3), Editors: Shashi Jain and Deepak Chandrashekar.
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  • Case Studies
  • Sarkar, Soumya, DasGupta, Krishna & Sen, Baishali. (2023). Suparshwa Swabs India: Growth after Covid-19. Ivey Case Publishing. Available online at https://www.iveypublishing.ca/s/product/suparshva-swabs-india-growth-after-covid19/01t5c00000Dc7XPAAZ
  • Chakrabarti, Dipankar, Kumar, Rohit, Sarkar, Soumya, & Mukherjee , Arindam (2022). A case study: How did IoT start-up Distronix change its business model to sustain growth in the pay-per-use economy. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 12(1), 65-71. [Scopus indexed]
  • Chakrabarti, Dipankar, Sarkar, Soumya, & Mukherjee , Arindam (2022). Scaling and Internet of Things start-up: Can alliance strategy help? Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 12(1), 43-49. [Scopus indexed]
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  • Books:
  • Ellis, Nick & Sarkar, Soumya (2015). Business-to-Business Marketing: Relationships, Networks, and Strategies. New Delhi: Oxford University Press
    • Edited Books:
    • Basu, Bhaskar, Desbordes, Michel, & Sarkar, Soumya (2023). Sports Management in an Uncertain Environment. Singapore: Springer
    Other articles:
  • Sarkar, Soumya & Tharad, Shreyan (2022). Can Voot Make a Play of Bagging IPL Rights?. The Hindu Business Line (25 June). Available online at https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/can-voot-make-a-play-of-bagging-ipl-rights/article65561511.ece
  • Pranjal, Piyush & Sarkar, Soumya (2019). Qualitative Consumer & Marketing Research (South Asia Edition) by Russell Belk, Eileen Fischer and Robert V. Kozinets (Book Review). e-Journal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business, 10(1), 78-81.
  • Pranjal, Piyush & Sarkar, Soumya (2019). CEO “branding”: Is it a double-edged sword? Campaign India (May 22). Available online at https://www.campaignindia.in/article/ceo-branding-is-it-a-double-edged-sword/451853.


  • National Talent Search Scholarship, awarded by National Council of Educational Research & Training (Govt. of India), New Delhi, India from 1987-1993
  • Best Professor in Marketing Management – Lokmat National Education Leadership Awards 2014.