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    Conundrum – Consulting Club of IIM Ranchi aims to prepare the students to choose consulting as career choice. The club provides perfect launch pad for the students interested in the domain of strategy by providing resources which will help understand the changing dynamics of the modern business world. This will enable them to think as consultants. Through industry oriented workshops, industry-alumni-faculty-student interactions, live projects, case studies and several events hosted by the club, we facilitate students to build their career in the domain of strategy.

    • Aswini Puppala:
    • Rishabh Kalia:
    • Arpan Chatterjee:
    • Guesstimate Knights- It is an Intra college event conducted by Conundrum which provides a platform for students to apply their skills in solving a guesstimate.
    • Strategist- The online article writing competition which encourages the students to write articles which help them applies knowledge of contemporary issues in business world.
    • Workshops – The club organizes various workshops which enable the student to interact with the consultant and industry experts. The workshops aim to foster skills that are useful for aspiring of consultants and businessmen with activities such as case interviews, industry problem solving, case study discussions, etc. The workshops organized by the club also help the students to delve deep into various business disciplines. It equips the students with various techniques to analyze and make decisions based upon various business problems.
    • Cricket Mandi – An event where group of students form their own cricket team with limited budget. The event test the students planning and logical thinking skills as with limited budget they need to form best team by competing with other teams.
    • Art of war 2.0 – This case study event creates a fantasy battlefield where students want to frame their own strategy to win the battle.
    • Symvoulous 3.0 – The flagship event of consulting club were the students are presented with real business problem. They should amalgamate knowledge of all business domains such as finance, operations, marketing to deliver the best possible solution for the presented business problem.
  • Analytics is taking on the world with its disruptive models. From aviation to banking industry, from hospitals to hospitality industry and from insurance to sports sector, every organization today is leveraging this technology to stay ahead of its competitors. Hence it becomes imperative for budding managers and leaders to learn and understand the underlying principles of this disruptive technology. Digitalytics-Analytics club of Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi has a vision of educating the students of the institute with the concepts and models of analytics through teaching sessions and competitions!!!

    • Ananya Agrawal:
    • Pragya Vishwakarma:
    • Rajesh:
    • Excel Bootcamp
    • Know your Electives
    • Digipathshala: Leadership Connect Series
    • Upskill: Monthly tools training
    • Analytics Enthusiasts: Community of Analytics for knowledge sharing
    • Digital Decipher: National Level Case study Competition
    • Workshop on Python, PowerBI, Tableau, Data Science, R, and SPSS, etc
    • Live Project Opportunities
    • I2B: Fresher's induction program
    • Excel Session
    • R Boot Camp
    • Know Your Tools
    • Syllogy 1.0
  • E-Cell at IIM Ranchi is devoted to the cause of promoting entrepreneurship among students. The E-cell endeavors to encourage and nurture the culture of entrepreneurship in the society by inviting various eminent entrepreneurs and speakers to share their experiences along with the business plan workshops, case studies and knowledge camps, conducted throughout the year. The E-cell aims to bring familiarity with the traits that are essential for an entrepreneur – who would further help our society grow. Ideas, Passion, Vision, and Resilience are at the core of learning and the club tries to nurture the same in students.

    • Mayank Kumar Drolia:
    • Gaurav Peswani:
    • Preeti Aggrawal:
    • Entrepreneurship Summit, Startup Workshops in association with various Incubators and Business Leaders

    KREATE-Quarterly newsletter of E-Cell, IIM Ranchi


    The Finance Club of IIM Ranchi is a student-driven club which aims at continuously enhancing the financial knowledge quotient of the students by conducting various Inter and Intra-college events like Business Simulation games, Online Trading Events, Business Valuation Case Studies and regular financial quizzes. The club has also started an IIMR40 portfolio which covers 40 top performing stocks from the Large-Cap, Mid-Cap and Small-Cap segments. The IIMR40 Index aims at delivering consistent returns and beating NIFTY on a regular basis. The companies are chosen by thorough fundamental and technical analysis done by the Club members which helps in enriching the knowledge of the students along with ensuring practical application of the financial concepts.

    • Roma Singla:
    • Bishal Dash Kaushik:
    • Samanta Supriya:
    • A valuation competition where teams from the top B-Schools of the country will try to figure out the worth of the firms with their skills of capital management and value investing.
    • A floor trading competition where teams can participate to experience the thrill of live floor trading
    • Along with this Finance Club holds several other events such as Price Battles, a real time bidding event, checking participants on their guesstimates and money allocation techniques. Certifications for various industry specific courses such as equity research are frequently forwarded to students to help them stay up to date with latest industry trends.
  • HiRe is the pioneer club of Human Resources at Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, established for the overall development and understanding of HR among management professionals. HiRe is also aimed at creating awareness and promotion of the profession of Human Resource Management in the business world across the nation.

    We organize various national level events like business conclaves, quizzes and case study competitions to keep the air of HR management running in IIM Ranchi and various other B-schools. To keep the students of IIM Ranchi well-versed in the field of people management, HiRe also hosts workshops which give students a view from the window to the world of HR. We also release our monthly newsletter HR Vaani and annual newsletter HR Neeti to keep the students and our dear alumni informed about the latest happenings in HRM.

    At HiRe, we try to contribute in making the network of the HR community stronger and carry the legacy of the prominent HR specialization of IIM Ranchi forward.

    • Bhavna Nagpal:
    • Gleamy Mishra:
    • HR conclave
    • 3 events in Agon: Vorstand, Maneuver, Final Stint
    • Brainstorm: Online Quiz
    • Outlook: Article Writing Competition
    • HR Neeti: Annual Newletter
    • HR Vaani: Monthly Newsletter
    • HR Talks: Interview Series
  • The Literary Club of IIM Ranchi is the only club which talks beyond the rigorous MBA curriculum and aims to foster a love for language and creativity. The club strives to instill a spirit of literary appreciation in all languages among the students. Not only literature, but also movies and music are equally valued. It aims to cultivate the literary creativity among the students and provide an avenue for self-expression. Parable, the official monthly newsletter of IIM Ranchi, is crafted, created and released by the Literary Club. The club also organizes a plethora of events throughout the year to provide some respite from the hectic MBA life. Some of the events are Cinema Paradiso, Sillage, Moonlight Serenade, Ignis and Sangreal while the flagship event is Terra Nullius.

    • Ayappa Abishek R:
    • Megha Paul:
    • Rituparna Dey:
    • Terra Nullius – the flagship event
    • Sangreal
    • Ignis
    • Sillage
    • Cinema Paradiso
    • Moonlight Serenade


    • Parable – the official monthly newsletter of IIM Ranchi
  • Marquess, the Marketing Club of IIM Ranchi, works towards fostering an interest and passion for sales and marketing among students and helps enthusiasts hone their skills. Its aim is to facilitate the exposure of students to various marketing concepts and strategies, thus cultivating a culture of holistic learning through participation. We are in quest with an objective of exposing, enticing and enriching the students and all members of IIM Ranchi fraternity to marketing world as an integral domain of management education. The club carries out a wide range of activities which includes the release of fortnightly newsletter covering the latest happenings in the field of marketing and sales around the world. Marquezine is a yearly magazine that brings various articles written by students on their views about what’s happening around the globe. The club also hosts MarCase, the flagship event of the club which gives participants full control over their strategy bringing our useful and implementable ideas. The club also conducts strategic IMC presentation competition name AGORA and live ad making competition named Sab Bhikta hain. The club also conducts many corporate workshops to equip the enthusiasts with latest industry trends and learning.

    • Arsheen Chugh:
    • Pritish
    • Sristi Jallan:
    • Marketing Workshops from CMO Factory
    • Marcase – The Flagship Annual Case Study Competition where students are required to solve the business problem of a popular company
    • Agora – An event, where students have to apply the real world marketing knowledge to sell their products. The team who earns the most selling their product wins.
    • Sab Bikta Hai – An event, where students have to create an Ad on the spot based on a product given to them. The team with the most creative Ad will win.
    • Article Writing Competition where the winning articles are featured in the Annual Magazine Marquezine
    • Brand Wars – An one of a kind event, where 2 teams are given 2 competitive brands in the similar product category. The teams have to pitch why their brand is better than the rival brand to win.
    • Live Project Opportunities
    • Social Media Engagements on happenings in the real world
    • Bringing eminent speakers for the Annual Business Conclave Radix
    • I2B Session – Fresher’s Induction Program
    • FB Live Session (MBA Aspirants)


    • Marquezine – annual magazine
    • Marquess newsletter
  • Samarpan is the social responsibility club of IIM Ranchi and its initiatives have been forged through partnership with corporates and government interventions. As the name suggests, “Samarpan” is homage to all those who have demonstrated commendable spirit and courage to take the cause of mankind forward and a show of solidarity to those who have been victimized or have suffered due to the sharp divide that exists in our society. Samarpan organizes business events like case study competitions and CSR quiz. The club has taken several initiatives like Volunteer to Teach, Subheecha, book donation to Vikas Bharti, Sankalp, National Conference on Inclusive And Impactful CSR, Bapu, Blood donation camp, Cloth donation drive, Swachh Bharat Drive, Zero Food Wastage Challenge, Joy of giving, Sahayak Vikas etc. since its inception. The club is also the official coordinator of Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan Project.

    • Yash Tyagi:
    • Saumya
    • Sneha Bharati:
    • Samarpit Saturday:- A weekly initiative that aims to acknowledge and amplify the efforts of ordinary people with extraordinary contributions to society.
    • CSR Digest:- A weekly initiative to highlight and appreciate the CSR initiatives being undertaken by various corporates aiming to serve society.
    • Joy of giving- celebrating Diwali with the children of child home making their day special and fulfilling their wishes
    • Blood donation camp
    • Sahayak Vikas – to enhance the vocational skills of the cleaning staff and to provide them with an income from selling of the handicrafts made by them
    • Cloth donation drive
    • Awareness drives
    • Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan – plays an integral part in the Gadarapo village project, for development and upliftment of rural India
    • Samadhan – Inter B school case study competition for providing real time solutions to social issues
    • Squiz – Inter B school CSR quiz to instil an interest in young minds to know more and share their knowledge about social issues.
  • Sankriya, as the name suggests, is the Operations and General Management Club of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi. This club envisages cultivating interest in the student community in the field of operations research and management beyond the academic discipline. The club seeks to explore the various developments in its fields and understand its business implications. The club also holds regular presentations on various industry practices like Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and facilitates discussion on the same. The club arranges industrial visits for the students to get a feel of the concepts that are read in academics. The club conducts Facebook Live Session for MBA aspirants to help in their preparation for Personal Interview Process. Apart from that, the club helps in the fresher’s by conduction I2B (Introduction to Business) Session. The club also organised two of the biggest happenings of IIM Ranchi namely AGON – Management Festival and RADIX – Business Conclave. Some of the events organised includes Crack the Case, BizSim, Beer Game etc.

    • Kavya Kella:
    • Abhishek Kumar:
    • Periyasamy N:
    • Six Sigma Certifications, KPMG
    • Supply Chain Workshops
    • Industrial / Warehouse Visit
    • Radix – Business Conclave
    • AGON – Management Festival
    • Beer Game – Simulation Event
    • Crack the Case – Case Study Competition
    • BizSim – Online Simulation Event
    • I2B Session – Fresher’s Induction Program
    • FB Live Session (MBA Aspirants)