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Angshuman Hazarika
Angshuman Hazarika
Assistant Professor (Grade – I)
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences


  • Doctor of Law (Saarland University, Germany)
  • LLM (Foreign Trade and Investment, and International Dispute Resolution), Europa-Institut, Saarland University
  • BA. LLB. (Hons). Specialisation- International Law, RGNUL, Punjab

About the Faculty

Dr. Angshuman Hazarika is an Assistant Professor for Ethics and Business Law at IIM Ranchi, India. Prior to this, Angshuman worked as a Research Associate at Saarland University, Germany and has also worked in a leading law firm in India. He was awarded the Angela Merkel Scholarship by DAAD for his Master’s Degree at the Europa- Institut, Saarbrucken, Germany. The special focus of his work is on investment arbitration with a focus on state-to-state arbitration and the impact of investment arbitration on developing countries.

Teaching Areas

  • Business Ethics
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Business

National/ International Teaching/ Research Experiences

Research Associate at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg, Saarland University from 2 Jan 2017 to 31 May 2020. Worked primarily in the area of International Trade Law and International Investment Law.

Training & Consulting Areas:

  • International Economic Laws with focus on International Trade and Investment Laws
  • Investment clearances and investment screening

Research Areas

  • International Trade and Investment Law
  • Business Ethics

Current Research Interests:

  • International Trade and Investment Law with focus on India
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Security Laws in India

Publications/ Articles/ Cases

 Paper Publications

  1.  Hazarika, A. and VanVaerenbergh, P. (2020). Climate change as a security risk: Too hot to handle?. Journal of World Trade, 53(3), pp. 417-438.
  2.  Hazarika, A. and VanVaerenbergh, P. (2019). 'One rule to rule them all': Rules for Art. 25 DSU Arbitration. Journal of International Arbitration, 36(5), pp. 595-627.
  3.  Bungenberg, M. and Hazarika, A. (2019). Chinese Foreign Investments in the European Union Energy Sector: The Regulation of Security Concerns. The Journal of World Investment & Trade, 20(2-3), pp. 375-400.
  4.  Bungenberg, M. and Hazarika, A. (2017). The European Union's trade and investment policy in Asia: new challenges and opportunities in a changing global environment - or: following individual roadmaps. Asia Europe Journal, 15(4), pp. 377- 397.
  5.  Hazarika, A. (2013). An analysis on the Status of Armed Forces Special Powers Act in North-East India. Rostrum's Law Review, 1(1), pp. 98-107.
  6.  Bungenberg, M. and Hazarika, A. (2019). Rule of Law in the EU Legal Order. Zeitschrift für europarechtliche Studien, 22(3), pp. 383-406.
  7.  Jung, N. and Hazarika, A. (2018). Trade Wars are Easy to Win?. Zeitschrift für europarechtliche Studien, 21(1), pp. 3-24.
  8.  Hazarika, A. (2013). E-Commerce: Expectations and Shortfalls. Christ University Law Journal, 2(2), pp. 59-78.
  9.  Bungenberg, M. and Hazarika, A. (2019). EU trade and development policy in Asia: Promoting core EU values. In: S. Bilal and B. Hoekman, ed., Perspectives on the Soft Power of EU Trade Policy. London: CEPR, pp. 203-217.
  10.  Hazarika, A. (2018) Sustainable Development as a part of a post- Brexit trade agreement between UK and the European Union: Lessons from the Opinion of the CJEU on the EU-Singapore FTA. European (Legal) Studies on-line papers, Working Paper,

 Blog Articles:

  1.  Hazarika, A. and VanVaerenbergh, P. (2019) The Temporary Tariff Regime: The Magic Pill for the Post-Brexit EU-UK Trade Headache?


  • Europa Prize of Villa Lessing, 2017 awarded for Masters Thesis by the Villa Lessing - Liberal Foundation Saar.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding - Dr. Angela Merkel Scholarship by DAAD for Masters Studies in Europa-Institut, Saarland University
  • International Climate Champions Programme Meritorious Contribution Award, British Council, 2012.