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Gaurav Manohar Marathe
Gaurav Manohar Marathe
Assistant Professor (Grade – I)
  • OB & HRM


  • Fellow of Management, XLRI (Organizational Behavior), 2014
  • B. E. College of Engineering Pune, Pune University, (IT),2006

Teaching Areas

  • Organizational Behavior ( Individual and Teams)
  • Leadership
  • Neuroscience for Personal & Managerial Effectiveness 
  • Philosophy of Research
  • Learning & Development

National/ International Teaching/ Research Experiences

  • Worked with IBM India (2006-2007)

Training & Consulting Areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Managerial & Personal Effectiveness
  • Neuroscience Insights for Public Policy

Research Areas

  • Leadership
  • Meaning & Meaningfulness in Life & Work

Current Research Interests:

  • Leadership
  • Meaning & Meaningfulness in Life & Work

Professional Affiliation:

Certification -Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation(FIRO-B) Assessment

Publications/ Articles/ Cases

  • Peer Reviewed Journals

    Marathe, G. M., Dutta, T., & Kundu, S. (2020). Ismanagement education preparing future leaders for sustainable business?. InternationalJournal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

    Marathe, G., & Kakani, R. K. (2020). Recognizing InnateTransformational Traits in Public Administrative Services: Are We Doing Right?.International Journal of Public Administration, 43(7),587-598.

    Marathe, G. M., Balasubramanian, G., & Chalil, G.(2019). Conceptualising the psychological work states–extending the JD-R model.Management Research Review.

    Ghosh, A., Dutta, T., & Marathe, G. M. (2019). 'Arewomen their own enemy? Exploration through implicit association test in theIndian public sector organisations. International Journal of IndianCulture and Business Management, 19(1), 81-102.

    Marathe, G., Singh, S., & Balasubramanian, G. (2018).Integrating Business-Society Dichotomy through Spiritual Lens. IndianJournal of Industrial Relations, 54(2)

    Marathe, G., Balasubramanian, G., & Singhal, M. (2017).Demystifying the leadership kaleidoscope into an integrated view. Journalof Management Development.

    Marathe, G., & Pathak, K. G. (2013). Identification ofmultiple theoretical linkages for high performance work system: A literaturereview. Management and Labour Studies, 38(1-2), 39-52.

    Marathe, G., & Balasubramanian, G. (2013). Two pathwaysof union leadership for participation. Indian Journal of IndustrialRelations, 663-678

  • Case Studies

    Balasubramanian, G., Marathe, G. M. & Kakani, R. K.  (2020). Conflict Management by a PoliceLeader. SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Originals.

    Mohammed H., Kakani, R. K., & Marathe, G. M. (2020). Can RakeshAcquire Land for a Factory? A Stakeholder Approach. SAGE Publications:SAGE Business Cases Originals.

    Marathe, G. M., & Kakani, R. K. (2018). Sense-makingframework for effective leadership. SAGE Publications: SAGE BusinessCases Originals.

    Kakani, R. K., & Marathe, G. M. (2018). A day inthe life of a district magistrate. SAGE Publications: SAGE BusinessCases Originals.

  • Conference Proceedings

    Dutta, T., Nandy, A., & Marathe, G. M. (2019, June). Doprepayments really work? Exploring the loss aversion principle in rewardsystems. NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference, Rome, Italy.