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Happy Workplace: Industry Academia Convergence

6th June to 8th June 2022

Online Conference | Virtual Mode


Theme of the Conference

Happiness and well being, two key terms that have become extremely relevant in the last twenty years, are no longer only about subjective mental states and economic conditions that lead to a good life. They have far reaching implications for cognitive science, technology, environment, academia & pedagogy, and diverse related fields. Moreover, the connect between happiness research and its applications, which draws academia and industry together, is the future where translation of research into tangibles can and do take place. The current Meet focuses on such a convergence between academia and industry around the theme of happiness, in order to find opportunities and avenues for strong collaborations.

Sub Themes:

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation at Workplace

  • Happy Leaders for Happy Workplace

  • Employee happiness and Well-being



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