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Curriculum IPM  Admission Fee Structure APPLY FOR IPM


  1. Which stream in 12th class will be eligible for this program?

Ans: Applicants from all streams are eligible for admission to the IPM.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for applying for admission to the IPM?

Ans: Applicants should have passed the 10th standard/Secondary/SSC Examination and the 12th standard/Higher Secondary/HSC Examination (or equivalent) with 60% (55% for candidates from SC/ST/PwD) or more marks. The percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in the 10th and the 12th standard would be calculated based on the Board’s regulations. If there is no such regulation regarding aggregate marks from the concerned Board, then the aggregate marks of all the subjects that appear in the grade sheet will be considered for calculating the passing percentage.

  1. What are the admission procedures for IPM?

Ans:Stage 1 – Completed Applications reviewed

Stage 2 - Candidates shortlisted based on Valid SAT/IPMAT 2022 (conducted by IIM Indore) score, invited for Personal Interview (PI)

Stage 3 –Personal Interview (PI) conducted

Stage 4 - Final candidates shortlisted for admission

  1. Are there any age limits for admission to the IPM?

Ans: There are no age limits.

  1. Can I apply for the IPM after completing my Diploma in Engineering/Business?

Ans: Yes, you are eligible to submit an application.

  1. How much do I need to score in the 10th and 12th to secure admission to the IPM?

Ans: The minimum qualifications include at least a 60% at both 10th and 12th standards (55% for applicants belonging to SC/ST/PWD). However, we do expect the IPM to be as competitive as all of our other programs.Please understand that this is just one component of candidate assessment. A very high score in the 10th and 12th will not automatically secure one’s chances unless they have done well in other parts of the assessment.

  1. When will the admission process begin?

Ans: The process will begin as soon as the Application is available online on our website.

  1. What is the deadline for applying to the IPM?

Ans: We are accepting all completed applications until June 02, 2022.

  1. Is there a separate application process for SAT and the IPM program at IIM Ranchi? What should be completed earlier?

Ans: Yes, there is a separate application process for SAT and the IPM Program at IIM Ranchi. You should first register for the SAT on the official website. After you have registered for the SAT exam, you can then register for the IIM Ranchi IPM Admission process by filling in the IPM Admission Form on our website.

When you appear in the SAT exam (or have appeared already), you will be required to send the SAT score to IIM Ranchi directly through the College Board website. The application  process for IPM at IIM Ranchi will be considered complete only after we receive the SAT scores through the College Board website. Applications for which we do not receive the SAT score are liable to be rejected.

So in a nutshell, you should fill in the IIM Ranchi IPM Application Form on our website only after you have registered for the SAT. You are required to fill in two forms, SAT and IIM Ranchi, separately for your application to be considered. If we receive an SAT score for a student who has not submitted (or does not submit) the IIM Ranchi Application Form by June 02 2022, we will ignore the score.

  1. I am not an Indian citizen, am I allowed to apply for the IPM program?

Ans: Sorry, we are not able to accept applications from foreign citizens (except PIO/OCIs) at the moment.

  1. I am an Indian citizen who has lived abroad for a long time, can I apply for the program?

Ans: All Indian citizens and PIO/OCI card-holders who fulfil the eligibility criteria are eligible to apply for the program.

  1. I have already registered for (or appeared for) SAT/IPMAT 2022 (conducted by IIM Indore): What do I do next?

Ans: Congratulations! You are half-way there. You should now fill in the Application form at the IIM Ranchi website and sent us the SAT score through the College Board website.

  1. I have made a mistake in filling up the application form. Am I allowed to change it later?

Ans: You are not allowed to change the data in the form after submission. It is also not possible at our end. So please ensure that you verify all data that you submit. Any discrepancy found later will lead to termination of your application or admission (as applicable). If you want to cancel your application to IIM Ranchi, you will receive an option to do that after logging into the application page. If you cancel your application form, you will not receive any refund. If you still want to apply to IIM Ranchi, you should fill in a fresh application form within the last date and pay the requisite application fee.

  1. I am appearing in my Grade XII or equivalent examination this year, what information should I fill in to the application?

Ans: Candidates who are appearing in Grade XII or equivalent examination this year are eligible to apply for the program but they will have to produce documents indicating their fulfilment of the eligibility requirements by June 30 2022 if shortlisted for further stages of admission. At the time of filling in the application form, they may choose to keep the space for Grade XII results blank.

  1. I have registered for SAT to be held in March/ May 2022. Am I eligible to fill in the form?

Ans: Yes, please go ahead and fill in the application form if you have already registered for SAT for March/ May 2022. Please remember to send us the SAT score for the date which you mention in the application form through the College Board website.

  1. I have a valid SAT score from a previous year's examination, can I submit the IIM Ranchi IPM application form?

Ans: Candidates who already have a valid SAT score can go ahead and submit the application form. Please ensure that you fulfill the other eligibility requirements. Also, please remember to send us the SAT score for the date which you mention in the application form through the College Board website.

  1. My Board/University/Institute provides only a CGPA or letter grade. How do I know if I fulfill the 60% criteria in Grade X or XII?

Ans: Normally the Board/University/Institute will provide a conversion scale for letter grades or CGPA to percentage if there are no marks written on your marksheet. If you do not have such a scale available, we will request you to immediately ask your Board/University/Institute for a document which converts your CGPA or letter grades to a percentage. Alternatively, you may also ask for a document which shows marks obtained and the total marks for the exam if there is no possibility for conversion to a percentage scale.

  1. Do you consider IPMAT sectional cut-offs for admission consideration?

Ans: No, we do not evaluate sectional cut-offs separately. Only the overall IPMAT score is considered.


  1. What is SAT and who conducts the SAT?

Ans: SAT is a standardized test widely used by colleges worldwide for admissions to undergraduate programs. SAT is conducted by the College Board. For more information on the same, please visit:

  1. Do I need to take the SAT? Is there any alternative?

Ans:  For 2022, Valid SAT/IPMAT 2022(IIM Indore) scores are acceptable.

  1. Do I need to take the SAT Essay?

Ans: No, the SAT Essay is not required.

  1. How do I send the SAT scores to IIM Ranchi?

Ans: You will need to ask the College Board to send the SAT scores directly to us. If you haven’t taken the SAT yet, you may request the same during the process. They will send the scores to us for free. If you have already taken the SAT, you will need to separately request the College Board to send the scores to us (for a fee).

  1. Can I take the SAT multiple times and send the best score?

Ans: Yes, you may take the SAT multiple times and send the best score for application consideration. 

  1. I already have a valid SAT score from previous years. Would you accept that score?

Ans: Yes, all valid SAT scores will be accepted. You can send your official SAT scores through the CollegeBoard account by using the 4-digit institute code.

  1. How do I get a discount on the SAT fees?

Ans: Please visit or for more information about SAT fee discount. Please see this video for detailed guidance on the process for registration with discount (for eligible students): .Unfortunately, IIM Ranchi has no control over this matter.

  1. Is there a tuition fee waiver based on SAT performance? The College Board website mentioned some universities do have them.

Ans: There is no tuition fee waiver based on SAT performance.

  1. Is a passport mandatory to fill the SAT Form and to take the test?

Ans: No, a passport is not mandatory. In India, use of the Aadhaar Card is also permitted as an alternative to a passport. More information is available here: In this page go to the section: "Testing in India"

  1. At what point should the Institution code be inserted into the SAT form and how can you send the score to IIM Ranchi?

Ans: You can send the score to IIM Ranchi after you have registered for SAT or appeared in the SAT by logging in to your College Board account. Scores to four institutions may be sent for free and you may be charged if you want to send it to more institutions. You can find detailed information here

The process is also explained in a video here:

You should generally instruct the College Board through your online account to send the SAT scores as soon as possible after registering for SAT/appearing in the exam, because the College Board may impose a fee for sending scores after they are released.

  1. What were the cut-off scores of Interview selection in IPM 2021-26 under SAT?


SAT Cut off for 2021













This is only indicative and the cut-offs for SAT to be used for admission interviews in 2022-27 may be different and will be determined later.


  1. When is the IPM programme expected to start?

Ans: We expect the programme to commence in July 2022.

  1. Is this a residential programme?

Ans: Yes, this is a fully residential course.

  1. What will be the medium of instruction in the IPM?

Ans: English.

  1. Is there any scholarship available from the institute to IPM Students?

Ans: Currently, there are no scholarships available from the Institute.

  1. Is there an exit option after 3 years?

Ans: Yes, you can exit the program with a BBA degree after 3 years on successful completion of all the course requirements.

  1. Is there a quota for NRI Candidates?

Ans: There is no quota for NRI Candidates.

  1. Can applicants from international schools affiliated to foreign board’s like IGCSE (International General Certificate for Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate) apply?

Ans: Yes.

  1. What are the courses covered under this programme?

Ans: Please visit the Course Curriculum page for more details.