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The flagship Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management (PGP-HRM) at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi is a two-year, full-time residential Programme.

This programme aims to develop humane and thoughtful, people-specialists for organizational and overall societal wellbeing. It integrates business skills with strong ethical and social concerns. Modern industries are continuously looking for managers who may be able to rise above functional silos and lead with a broader outlook. This programme is one of its kind in its attempt to cultivate such broad business outlook in human resource professionals. The curriculum has recently been revised to make it integrative, relevant and contemporary. We have specifically designed integrated core courses related to human resource management. These courses balance the concerns of organizations with those of employees on the one hand and present a systemic view of human resource practices on the other.

The Post-Graduate Programme lasts six trimesters, spread over two years, with a summer project in between the two years. This programme enables students to develop specialist-level knowledge along any of the two tracks: Generalist Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, and Industrial Relations. The Second Year comprises of elective courses, spread over three terms. These elective courses help the participants to develop a deeper understanding of the functional areas of management. Students who want to acquire a deeper understanding of any topic or explore a topic in depth can also pursue a Course of Independent Study (CIS) under the guidance of a faculty member.

The Programme is delivered by distinguished in-house and visiting faculty members from the IIM fraternity, and academicians and experts from other renowned peer-level Institutions and organizations who bring their experience into curriculum design and classroom delivery, using a variety of pedagogical approaches. We at IIM Ranchi, try to impart knowledge, skills and abilities needed for an HR professional to be agile and keep pace with the ever-changing workplace needs. IIM Ranchi encourages cultural, educational, experiential and other demographic diversity to facilitate the broadening of perspectives on various social and business issues. Students are also encouraged to participate in prestigious corporate competitions and proactively lead multiple live industry projects.


The objective of the PGP-HRM at IIM Ranchi is to create HR professionals who have the competencies to

  • Understand the business of the organization and its drivers;
  • Understand the connect between business and HR deliverables;
  • Understand the role of self in building acceptance, credibility and respect in the organization;
  • Understand employees and their mindset so as to weave a relationship between their aspirations and organizational demand;
  • Lead or contribute in the formulation and implementation of best in class Human resources practices in their organization; and
  • Take on a strategic role in the development and accomplishment of organizational goals and objective