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Code PLO - Executive PhD PLG -Executive PhD
ED1.1 Demonstrate understanding of research problems. Critical Thinking
ED1.2 Evaluate alternative approaches to solve research problems. 
ED1.3 Ability to turn ideas into testable hypotheses. 
ED2.1 Identify appropriate methodology to analyze the research problems. Analytical Acumen
ED2.2 Devise research solutions by using appropriate tools and techniques.
ED3.1 Develop comprehensive and advanced knowledge for discovering and testing theories. Knowledge
ED3.2 Develop in-depth and advanced knowledge to understand the criteria for research evaluation.
ED4.1 Critical and constructive evaluation of established research in the field. Skills and Competence
ED4.2 Summarize and synthesize existing extant literature.
ED4.3 Demonstrate the ability to build and publish interesting and impactful research.
ED4.4 Illustrate the ability to understand the ethical issues related to management research (data collection, analysis and reporting).