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Code PLO - PhD PLG - PhD
D 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of research problems. Critical Thinking
D 1.2 Evaluate alternative approaches to solve research problems. 
D 1.3 Ability to turn ideas into testable hypotheses.
D 2.1 Identify appropriate methodology to analyze the research problems. Analytical Acumen
D 2.2 Devise research solutions by using appropriate tools and techniques.
D 3.1 Develop comprehensive and advanced knowledge for discovering and testing theories. Knowledge
D 3.2 Develop in-depth and advanced knowledge to understand the criteria for research evaluation.
D 4.1 Critical and constructive evaluation of established research in the field. Skills and Competence
D 4.2 Summarize and synthesize existing extant literature.
D 4.3 Demonstrate the ability to build and publish interesting and impactful research.
D 4.4 Illustrate the ability to understand the ethical issues related to management research (data collection, analysis and reporting).