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I 1.1 Understand key concepts of the business disciplines (i.e., management, marketing, economics, finance, operations, information systems, HR). Knowledge of Core Business Disciplines
I 1.2 Validate the cross-functional and interdisciplinary nature of business issues and decisions.
I 1.3 Conduct strategic analyses of real or simulated business organizations.
I 2.1 Demonstrate superior oral communication and presentation skills. Business Communication Skills
I 2.2 Demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced writing techniques.
I 2.3 Proficient in the use of standard office software applications.
I 3.1 Define, analyze and structure problems. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
I 3.2 Distinguish patterns and relationships in data and in observations.
I 3.3 Critically analyze business issues and problems using appropriate analytical techniques.
I 4.1 Identify current global issues in light of their effect on business opportunities and decisions.  Economic, Social and Cultural Appraisal
I 4.2 Demonstrate an understanding of cultural similarities and differences and their effects on organizations and organizational decisions. 
I 4.3 Understand the effects of political/legal/economic/social environments on global operations and international businesses.
I 5.1 Ascertain and apply a framework for examining ethical dilemmas in business situations. Awareness of issues related to Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability
I 5.2 Critique business decisions with regard to social responsibility.
I 5.3 Justify business sustainability and put concepts into practice.
I 6.1 Demonstrate the ability to influence others.  Leadership, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurial Skills
I 6.2 Demonstrate the ability to collaborate as part of a team to achieve a common goal.
I 6.3 Demonstrate the ability to apply entrepreneurial concepts to the development of a business plan and the operations of a company.