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Programme Structure

MBA - BA programme is divided into six terms; three terms in the first year and three terms in the second year. The first-year coursework of MBA - BA will have several courses in common with the regular MBA program in Term - I, II & III. MBA - BA students will also be doing certain core courses in analytics in Term - I, II & III that are not part of regular MBA.

All the participants will undergo Summer Internship Project (equivalent to 6-credit/ 8 weeks) in analytics applications in industry with live project in the summer (April and May) after Term-III. During the summer internship, the participants will get an opportunity to build a practical perspective of whatever they learn in the classroom.

The second year comprises of Elective courses, spread over three terms (IV to VI). The elective courses help the participants to develop deeper understanding of Business Analytics area. Students are allowed to choose the courses of their interest in the second year. Students who want to acquire deeper understanding of a topic or explore deeply a narrow topic can also pursue a Course of Independent Study (CIS) under the guidance of a faculty member.

Currently, the total credits requirement across two year of MBA - BA programme is minimum of 109.5 credits and a maximum of 118.5 credits (including the Summer Internship Project), one credit being equivalent to 10 classroom hours.