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WEBINAR: अन्नदाता: Revolutionizing Agriculture Theme: Doubling farmer’s income”

 11th November 2020, Ranchi  04:30 PM to 05:30 PM  IIM Ranchi
WEBINAR: अन्नदाता: Revolutionizing Agriculture Theme: Doubling farmer’s income”

IIM Ranchi, ABVCLPG organized a webinar on “अन्नदाता: Revolutionizing Agriculture Theme: Doubling farmer’s income”

A webinar on “अन्नदाता: Revolutionizing Agriculture, Theme: Doubling farmer’s income” was organized by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre for Leadership, Policy and Governance (ABVCLPG), A Centre of Excellence of IIM Ranchi.

Prof. Shailendra Singh, Honourable Director of IIM Ranchi outlined some of the solutions that could lead farmers to prosperity, and share his thoughts on changing demand, changing consumer habits, enhanced environmental regulations, new requirements for product quality, chain management, food safety and sustainability.

Mr. Anil Kumar SG, Founder and CEO of Sammunati, Mr. Kaushik K, Co-Founder and CEO of Kheyti were the key speakers for the event.


India is an agrarian economy, however youths are attracted to this sector because of the following reasons:

  1. Rising levels of literacy and education
  2. Economic liberalization and commercialization
  3. Deregulating or opening of agricultural markets
  4. Better means of communication and transportation
  5. Several programs and initiatives started by Government.

Mr Anil Kumar of Samunnati emphasized on AMLA approach which stands for Aggregation, Market, Linkage and Advisory services. Samunnati helps farmer producer organisations meet the supply of markets. With aggregation, market linkages and advisory services, Samunnati provides opportunities for Farmer Producer Organisations to grow. Through this Samunnati empowers Indian farmers driving growth.

Mr. Kaushik K of Kheyti implements low-cost farming solutions that help small farmers increase yield and predictability of produce. They market “Greenhouse-in-a-box” that uses 90% less water, grows 7 times more food and gives farmers a steady income. Kheyti has made greenhouses cheaper and affordable for farmers. Farmers are experiencing so much risk related to their produce. Green House helps the farmers protects the crop from heat and create long term sustainability and viability for the farmers.

Prof. Aditya Shankar Mishra, Co-Chair of the ABVCLPG welcomed the speakers and extended vote of thanks. Prof. Angshuman Hazarika, IIM Ranchi coordinated the Q and A session. Finally, the webinar ended with a vote of thanks presented by Prof. Aditya Shankar Mishra, IIM Ranchi.

To conclude, agripreneurs is not only an opportunity but also a necessity for improving the production and profitability in agriculture sector. With better industrial and entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurs will flourish in this sector.

SUSTAINABILITY begins here, empowering India to become self-sufficient and prosperous India.

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