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Vision, Mission, Core Values & The Logo

The following are the vision, mission and core values of IIM Ranchi.


In pursuit of multifaceted and holistic development.


IIM Ranchi is committed to support excellence in management education and research that positively impacts people, organizations, and society.

The mission has two core objectives.

  •  Educating and supporting leaders who can contribute as professional managers, entrepreneurs, and stewards of existing and emerging enterprises in the private, public, and social sectors.
  •  Carrying out research, publication, consultancy, and advisory work to advance new knowledge and innovation and to provide thought leadership in management theory and practice.

Core Values

–      Humility, Honesty and Hard work for individual and corporate success.


Our logo has been designed to reflect the mission and core values described above.

The bird in the logo is a crow. We chose the crow because it has several positive traits that the Institute stands for. Crow is an epitome of community living and sharing and caring of each other which are the ethos of IIM Ranchi. It is an aerial scavenger that cleans up the earth by eating carcasses. Crows in many cultures are the keepers of knowledge as nothing escapes their keen eye-sight. Crows are very adaptable and can live in different climatic conditions. The bird has been created in a manner that it looks like a forward arrow, taking everybody (The three green strokes symbolize the community), along together for the flight. The Sanskrit verses symbolize the Institute’s vision as working to bring change towards success, not only for one’s self, but also for the community