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Archive: 2021

  • 30-12-2021

    Kumar, R. & Bose, P. (2021, Dec 27-30). Vodafone-Idea: How to Survive the Competitive Telecom Battle in India? Paper presented at the Strategic Management Forum (SMF) – Annual Conference 2021 organised by IIM Nagpur, India.

  • 29-12-2021

    Salagrama, R., Prashar, S., & Vijay, T. S. (2021). Do customers exhibit gratitude after service recovery? Understanding the moderating role of relationship type. Service Business. 15(4), 757-779.

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  • 29-12-2021

    Gupta, P., Prashar, S., Parsad, C., & Vijay, T. S. (2021). Segmenting utilitarian-based mobile app users: an empirical study using SEM and clustering techniques. International Journal of Technology Marketing, 15(2/3), 126-142

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  • 28-12-2021

    Bansal, M. (2021). Do firms prefer one form of accounting gimmick over other to meet peer performance? Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance, 16, 23-35

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  • 27-12-2021

    Chandra, S., and Ghosh, P. (2021, December 27-30). Influence of CSR Initiatives and Transformational Leadership on Employees’ Intention to Stay: A Conceptual Model. Paper presented in ISDSI-Global Conference 2021 on December 27-30, 2021 organized by IIM Nagpur.

  • 21-12-2021

    Kundu, S., & Nandy, A. (2021, December 15). Why cryptocurrencies must be regulated. The Hindu Business Line.

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  • 20-12-2021

    Ashraf, S. A., Javed, A. F., Bala, P. K. & Vijay, T. S. (2021, December 20-22).A Stylometric Enquiry in Detecting Incentivised Reviewers: An NLP Based Approach. In proceedings of 8th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence (ICBAI) 2021, IISc, Bangalore, India.

  • 20-12-2021

    Chakrabarti, P., & Sen, S. (2021, Dec 20 – 22). Foreign currency borrowing and risk exposure of firms: An emerging market economy viewpoint. Paper presented at the 16th Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development, 2021, held at ISI Delhi, India

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  • 20-12-2021

    Nandy, A., Tiwari, C., & Kundu, S. (2021). India’s rural employment guarantee scheme – How does it influence seasonal rural out-migration decisions? Journal of Policy Modeling, 43(6), 1181-1203.

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  • 20-12-2021

    Duggirala, A., & Kumar, R. (2021). The welfare state in India: from segmented approach to systems approach in social protection. Indian Journal of Human Development, 15(3), 547-556.

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  • 20-12-2021

    Dasgupta, S. A. (2021). O’Desi meals: a socially responsible brand. Product Number: W25390. London: Ivey Publishing.

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  • 17-12-2021

    Borah, M., Kumar, R. & Kesharbani, N. (2021, Dec 16-17). Socio-Cognitive Analysis of Female Social Entrepreneurship and the Role Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Paper presented at the 08th PAN IIM World Management Conference organized by IIM Kozhikode, Kerala, India.