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  • 02-05-2022

    Javed, A. F.,  Bala, P. K., & Chakraborty, S.(2021). What leads to apprehension in fresh management graduates to not pursue entrepreneurship: A clustering-based technique. In: Mukherjee, S., Kumar, R., Dutta, S. K., Ahsan, F., & Dasgupta, S. A. (Eds.). Strategic management and entrepreneurship: contemporary practices and key industry insights  (pp 112-136). India:  Indian Institute of Management Ranchi. ISBN: 978-81-951956-2-6.

  • 26-04-2022

    Das, S.D., & Bala, P. K. (2022). Artificial Intelligence in Telemedicine: A Brief Survey. In: Mishra, S., Tripathy, H. K., Mallick, P., & Shaalan, K. (Eds.). Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare: A Pragmatic and Integrated Analysis. Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 1024(pp 453–461). Singapore: Springer.

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  • 12-04-2022

    Singh, S., Kumar, R., Dasgupta, S. A., Tripathy, J. K., & Singh, P. (2021).  Indian Institute of Management Ranchi – 10 Years of Excellence. India: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi. ISBN: 978-81-951956-1-9.

  • 14-01-2022

    Dutta, T., & Mandal, M. K. (Eds.). (2021). Consumer happiness: Multiple perspectives. Singapore: Springer Nature. ISBN 978-981-33-6373-1, ISBN 978-981-33-6374-8 (eBook).

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  • 14-01-2022

    Dutta, T., & Mandal, M. K. (2021). Consumer Happiness and decison making: The way forward. In: Dutta, T.& Mandal M. K. (Eds.). Consumer happiness: Multiple perspectives (pp 153-161). Singapore: Springer Nature.

  • 14-01-2022

    Bhatia, N., & Dutta, T. (2021). Talent management fizzled out at DTKL. In: Mohapatra, M., & Dhir, S. (Eds.). Talent Management: A contemporary perspective (pg 287-290). New Delhi: Sage Publications.