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  • 27-09-2021

    Chakrabarti, P., & Sen, S. (2021, September 23).  The moral hazard headache. The Hindu Business Line

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  • 16-06-2021 Nandy, A. (2021, June 10). Bringing the Earnings Back Home. The Economic Times. View Details
  • 16-06-2021 Nandy, A. & Chakrabarti, P.  (2021, May 24). Assessing RBI's On-Tap Liquidity Scheme. Financial Express. View Details
  • 23-03-2021

    Roy, D. & Nandy, A. (2021, March 23). Chalking the road ahead for a bad bank.The Hindu Business Line

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  • 12-02-2021

    Nandy, A. & Tripathy, A. (2021, Feb 12). Decoding Bare Necessities Index: Move from bare to basic. Financial Express.

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  • 28-01-2021

    Nandy, A. & Kundu, S.(2021, Jan 28). Budget should sustain green shoots of recovery. The Hindu Business Line

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