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Indian Institute of Management Ranchi is a leading management institute located in Ranchi. Established in 2009, IIM Ranchi has quickly gained recognition for its academic excellence, multiple programmes and impressive placement records. The institute now operates from its new state of art main campus at Prabandhan Nagar, Nayasarai, Ranchi. The calm, serene, academic ambience of the campus and its lush green surroundings are highly conducive to study, reflection and learning. IIM Ranchi has extended its horizon and has developed a satellite campus for the executive programmes at the premises of National Institute for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Hyderabad.

Since its inception, IIM Ranchi has followed a progressive path by offering a set of programmes resulting from the culmination of Vision, Mission and Core Values. It started with a two-year Postgraduate management programme offering a Master of Business Administration degree, which became the flagship programme of the institute. After that, the institute realised the growing importance of human resource management, so in 2012, it added a two-year Postgraduate programme offering a Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management degree.  Continuing to respond to the changing industry’s demand for trained data analysts, the institute took another stride by introducing a two-year Postgraduate programme offering a Master of Business Administration – Business Analytics degree in 2021. In the same year, the institute also started an Integrated Programme in Management to tap young minds immediately after Class XII.

The institute has a conducive research environment. The faculty and research scholars at IIM Ranchi have varied backgrounds and experiences that contribute to a strong research foundation. The Institute offers a full-time Doctoral programme and an Executive-Doctoral programme in management. The library, database, and financial support provided by the institute are at par with the best systems in India.

The institute emphasises disseminating knowledge to the industry. It has opened a satellite campus in Hyderabad dedicated to executive education. It offers Management Development Programmes and Certificate Programmes designed according to the industry requirements. It also runs a two-year Executive Management Degree programme which attracts working executives across India.

IIM Ranchi aims to create efficient managers and business leaders. It offers all-around development of students with a host of clubs, committees and special interest groups indulging in versatile year-round activities, continued industry interaction and lectures from industry experts and veterans for its students.

Education, Impactful Research, Social Impact, and International Collaboration are the strategic priorities that are driving the institute’s growth towards IIM Ranchi@2030.

Overall, IIM Ranchi stands as a prominent centre for management education in India.

IIM Ranchi Permanent Campus

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision: To be a leading management institute focused in multifaceted and holistic development of graduates and scholars.

Mission: IIM Ranchi is committed to support excellence in management education and research that positively impacts people, organizations, and society.

Core Values: Humility, Honesty and Hard work for individual and corporate success.

Logo: Our logo has been designed to reflect the mission and core values described above.

The bird in the logo is a crow. We chose the crow because it has several positive traits that the Institute stands for. Crow is an epitome of community living and sharing and caring of each other which are the ethos of IIM Ranchi. It is an aerial scavenger that cleans up the earth by eating carcasses. Crows in many cultures are the keepers of knowledge as nothing escapes their keen eye-sight. Crows are very adaptable and can live in different climatic conditions. The bird has been created in a manner that it looks like a forward arrow, taking everybody (The three green strokes symbolize the community), along together for the flight. The Sanskrit verses symbolize the Institute’s vision as working to bring change towards success, not only for one’s self, but also for the community

Board of Governors

Shri Praveen Shankar Pandya - Chairman

  • Director, Shankar Group of Industries,
  • Founder Chairman, Diamond India Ltd
  • Convener, International Diamond Monitoring Committee
  • Trustee, Gem and Jewellery National Relief Foundation
  • Former Chairman, The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Trustee, Ekal Foundation of India
  • Former Director, National Skill Development Corporation
  • Former Member of Board of Trade founded by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India

Shri P.K. Banerjee

Joint Secretary, Dept. of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India

Shri Rahul Kumar Purwar

Secretary, Department of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Jharkhand

Dr. Shailesh Ayyangar

Member, Value Accelerator Group for Healthcare, Goldman Sachs Private Equity.Chairman, Noveltech Feeds Private Ltd.

Dr. Hasit Joshipura

SVP & CEO, Elect. & Automation, Member, Executive Committee, L & T.

Dr. Sushil Kumar

Operations Management Area, IIM Lucknow

Ar. Sanjay Sinha

GC Group of Companies

Shri Ravindra Vaman Prabhudesai

Managing Director,
Pitambari Group

Shri Om Prakash Singhania

Director, Singhania Farms Pvt. Ltd. Director, Satna Minerals and Metals Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Gayathri Sriram

Managing Director UCAL Auto Pvt. Ltd; CEO MobilTrain Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Alpana Parida

Managing Director,
DY Works & Idiom

Shri Shrikant Prabhakar Joshi

L & T Realty Ltd Mumbai

Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava

IIM Ranchi

Director's Message

Since its inception in 2009, the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi has been dedicated to promoting excellence in management education and research to have a positive impact on people, organizations, and society.

I am pleased to announce that IIM Ranchi has begun operating from its own campus in Prabandhan Nagar, Ranchi, with the goal of offering exceptional on-campus resources in order to give its students with a world-class campus experience.

IIM Ranchi possesses a number of noteworthy advantages that facilitate its growth. Among these are an exceptional, young, and dynamic faculty base, prominent, cutting-edge academic programmes, and a culture that encourages experimentation and new initiatives. Over past thirteen years, IIM Ranchi has built up a strong reputation among leading Indian corporations and maintained a remarkable placement record by continuously enhancing pay packages and increasing the number of recruiters.

IIM Ranchi aspires to uphold global academic standard while concurrently fostering a symbiotic relationship with the local culture, equipping students for social impact initiatives. Recently, the institute has drafted a strategic plan known as IIMRanchi@2030 which sustain the esteemed legacy of IIM Ranchi while providing a well-defined trajectory for the institute to pursue in the coming years. IIMRanchi@2030 recognises four key priorities: education, impactful research, social impact, and international collaboration, which serve as the foundation for its mission and vision as a leading management institute.

IIM Ranchi has undertaken a range of initiatives to support academic excellence and holistic development of students, including:

  • Offering merit-cum-means scholarships to students who are academically outstanding but need financial help
  • As a part of the comprehensive revamping, introducing new academic area as liberal arts and sciences and renaming strategic management area as the strategy and entrepreneurship area to highlight the entrepreneurship as one of the focus areas of the institute
  • Offering diverse enrichment electives such as local tribal language, cinematography, socratic dialogue, water management, sports management, human connect, drama and theatre, and incorporating compulsory courses on various topics such as science of happiness and tribes in India
  • Promoting inclusivity through initiatives like “Human Connect” and “Nature Connect,” and contributing to the community through “Community Libraries” and “Learning for All”
  • Fostering alumni engagement with “IIM Ranchi for Life” initiative
  • Researching “Tribal Entrepreneurship” and the “Indian Business System” with the goal of shedding light on unexplored facets of these areas and adding to knowledge of indigenous and ancient business practices

The aforementioned initiatives, as well as future endeavours, are driven by the motto of the institute Bahumukhvikaso gantavya (बहुमुखविकाससो गन्तव्य), which signifies the pursuit of multifaceted and holistic development.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to look at us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava

IIM Ranchi@2030

To strengthen the current position of the institute and to position itself in a way so that it can achieve its mission, the institute has identified four strategic priorities and eight strategic goals.


  • SP1G1: To collaborate with industry and academia for relevance in curriculum content
  • SP1G2: To invest in technological and physical infrastructure for better learner engagement.

Impactful Research

  • SP2G1: To conduct research motivated by real-life business problems.
  • SP2G2: To promote research towards social relevance and/or policy implications.

Social Impact

  • SP3G1: To create partnerships with government and non-profit organizations to promote social welfare initiatives.
  • SP3G2: To create social awareness among students through different community engagement activities.

International Collaboration

  • SP4G1: To promote and sign MOUs with international universities for teaching assignments.
  • SP4G2: To promote two-way student exchange with foreign universities.