Executive Education and Consulting


IIM Ranchi offers Executive Education Programmes (EEPs) in different modes, which include short-duration long-duration executive programmes, Certificate Programmes and Management Development Programmes (MDPs), company-specific programmes covering all functional areas of management. The programmes offered range from general management, which help executives have a bird’s-eye view of different functional areas of an organization, to programmes focusing on a specific functional area, helping executives take up higher responsibilities in their respective domains. In addition, there are programmes that focus on personality development, leadership skills, and technical abilities.

The full-time faculty of IIM Ranchi design and conduct these programmes with inputs from the industry. Click here to view the detailed profile of our faculty members.

The majority of the EEPs are held on the main campus of IIM Ranchi. The participants are housed in a modern complex of comfortable, air-conditioned single and twin-sharing rooms at the EEP residence on the campus. The EEP residence, with facilities such as a lounge, kitchen and dining, can accommodate about 40 executives. The calm and serene academic ambience of the campus and its lush green surroundings are highly conducive to study, reflection and learning. A round-the-clock internet facility is available on the campus network. The air-conditioned computer lab with internet connections provides opportunities for the participants to stay connected not only with their near and dear ones but also with the business world at large. The EEP residence at IIM Ranchi is indeed a home away from home.

Recently, IIM Ranchi has extended its horizon by opening a satellite campus for the EEP Division at NIMSME Hyderabad to cater to the needs of a wider population of executives and professionals in the southern region of the country.

Advanced Development Programme for senior officials of Indian Postal Services

Executive Education Programmes (EEPs)

Executive Education Programmes (EEPs) can be either short-duration or long-duration programmes designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the working executives. These programmes could be either open, where executives from various organizations attend specific or generalized programmes designed by IIM Ranchi, or customized for a company, focusing on the specific needs of the organization.

IIM Ranchi has been a pioneer in developing and offering short-duration EEPs with a decade of enviable standing in the community of premier B-schools in India. These EEPs are designed keeping in view the ever-changing demands on business professionals and executives. The content of even a standard EEP is constantly reviewed and changes are made therein based on what the industry demands. The objective of the EEPs is to help improve management systems and practices in India and elsewhere by providing relevant training to the executives operating at different levels in the organisational hierarchy in different sectors of the economy. The participants are equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and skills, spanning different streams of management such as General Management, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Information Systems, Strategic Management, and Industrial Relations.

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Executive Education Certificate Programmes

IIM Ranchi also offers various short duration and long duration Certificate Programmes through our Edutech Partners to enhance the skills and knowledge of the working executives. Delivered through a rigorous process, our programmes ensure that the participants take maximum advantage in understanding and solving business problems.

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Click here for the Post Graduate Certificate Programme on Advanced HRM and strategic Analytics.

Click here for the Post Graduate Certificate Programme on Advanced Business Management (PGCPABM) at Hyderabad campus.

In-Company Programmes

The Institute offers tailor-made In-Company executive development Programs for Senior and Middle level executives of different organizations including Private, Public and Government Sectors, to maximize their potential by gaining or refining their management skills.

The Institute designs and delivers a solution that suits the Organization specific needs, addressing their issue and requirement from their training brief that best fits to their needs, culture and learning style. The Institute associates with client organizations, not only to distribute state-of-art understanding to all their managerial and white-collar personnel through numerous custom-built programmes, but also in problem solving. The tenacity is to achieve both individual and organizational learning simultaneously, concurrently and more importantly, to make things happen and materialize. Our valued partners in customized programmes include corporations across industries and across levels.

Click here for the list of in-company programs conducted by IIM Ranchi.

Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

The institute is happy to announce the first Faculty Development Programme (FDP) 2023. In order to enhance the teaching and research skills sets of management teachers, IIM Ranchi’s FDP is generally 1-2 days residential programme both at our IIM Ranchi campus and at our satellite campus at NIMSME Hyderabad. It is specially designed for faculty members of management education and training institutes across the country.

Consultancy Projects

The Institute has research and consulting expertise in various domains of management to provide knowledge and intellectual inputs that are of interest to the industry and other organizations. Our consultancy services aim at helping micro, small, medium, and large enterprises. IIM Ranchi has carried out several consultancy projects in the past with Corporate/Government organizations like the School Education & Literacy Department, the Tribal Welfare Department of Jharkhand, BPCL, IOCL, PUVNL, JEPC, Govt. of Jharkhand, and NTPC Coal Mining, to name a few.