Corporate Relations


At IIM Ranchi, students actively prepare for and participate in corporate engagement activities throughout the year. Our Corporate Relations Team at IIM Ranchi is crucial in creating various engagements with corporates, public sector undertakings, and international business firms. Also, this team ensures a fruitful interface between students and the industry, paving the way for remarkable career prospects and growth.

Throughout the year, the team actively engages with recruiters to ensure successful Final Placements and Summer Internship opportunities for our students. As a result of our collective efforts, we have consistently achieved a remarkable placement record through continuous enhancements in compensation packages and an expanding pool of recruiters. Over the years, IIM Ranchi has garnered immense respect from esteemed Indian corporates, evident from our notable association with leading business firms.

Campus Engagement Avenues

An online webinar series of leadership talks where industry professionals interact and share corporate experiences with the students. The goal is to bring together industry stalwarts to exchange ideas about current emerging trends in the industry and foster learning amidst the ever- changing dynamics of the corporate landscape.

An offline leadership talk series where corporate leaders and students come together to discuss and present their ideas, industry trends, or opinions on a specific topic. It is an interactive session where participants engage in discussions, Q&A, and share knowledge.

An offline leadership dialogue where two leaders discuss and generate opinion compatibility on new ideas, the latest industry trends, and business predictions. Both leaders take Q&A at the end from the student audience.

An offline event where 3-4 business leaders from different backgrounds come together to discover the contours of business trends. A faculty member moderates the session.

An event where former students of IIM Ranchi are invited to share their experiences, insights, and professional journeys with current students to help them kick-start their corporate journey.

A competitive event where teams of students are presented with business problems or case studies and are tasked with analyzing them, developing a solution, and presenting their recommendations within a specified time frame.

Our students undertake real-world projects or assignments involving working on an actual problem or task for an organization or client. Students stay on campus and work on a live project remotely (part-time) alongside their regular classes and other responsibilities

Final Placements

Summer Placements

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