Life@IIM Ranchi

City of Ranchi

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Jharkhand, Ranchi is a captivating city that offers serenity, cheer and scenic beauty. A sought-after hub for industries, education and tourism, Ranchi provides a perfect combination of modern urban infrastructure as well as the natural charms of the surrounding landscapes of hills, forests and waterfalls.

One never runs out of opportunities to explore something new in Ranchi, from its vibrant restaurants to its tranquil temples, from the tiny shops and grand malls to the ever-so-lively outdoors, Ranchi has something to offer for everybody!

Campus Life & Facilities

IIM Ranchi offers its students the best resources on campus that aid in their academic and extra-curricular endeavours. Our campus offers the best amenities in terms of state-of-the-art classrooms, a well-equipped library, fully furnished hostels and dining facilities, the majestic Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, sports facilities and more.

There is never a dull moment at IIM Ranchi, with endless opportunities coming the students’ way at all times. With various events, conclaves, seminars and festivals marking the entire calendar, IIM Ranchi offers nothing but the experiences of a lifetime!

Events & Festival Celebrations

Be it the colours of Holi, the lights of Diwali or the cheers of Christmas, IIM Ranchi is always prepared to welcome the blessings of the season with every forthcoming cultural event. We believe in celebrating the vibrance of our culture with great rigour and utmost joy!

We also leave no stone unturned in organizing various events throughout the year that offer students the opportunities to create, explore and learn holistically including cultural and management competitions, conclaves and many others.

Clubs & Committees

The student bodies serving at IIM Ranchi are an integral part of our student community. The extremely resourceful members of various clubs and committees enable a rich student experience in our campus, fulfilling various responsibilities, from handling day-to-day functionalities to organizing breathtaking events.

Student Council

Vishnu Peethambaran, Abhiraj Tak, Rishab Rastogi, Parul Khanna, Satish Bag, Avinash Kumar, Yaswant RJ

One of the main engines driving IIM Ranchi’s operations is the Student Council, which is always striving to set new standards for student life, academics, and campus amenities. For academic, extracurricular, and daily matters, the Student Council serves as the main point of contact for the faculty, administration, student body and acts as the principal conduit between the Student Body and the Institute.

The dynamic and committed Student Council is in charge of organizing and running student events on our active campus. They work to strengthen student life, promote harmony, and establish a welcoming atmosphere that supports achievement. Their mission is to unlock every student’s potential, ignite their passion, and together shape a brighter future by connecting dreams and creating opportunities.

The democratically elected Student Council serves as a principal body for all the clubs and committees, and ensures accountability among all the student bodies on campus. It is also in charge of creating, reviewing, and updating the proper policies and conduct guidelines for student activities.

Council Member Email Mobile
Abhiraj Tak 76659 86465
Satish Bag 96924 90991
Vishnu Peethambaran 88482 42105
Rishabh Rastogi 78887 32990
Yaswant R.J 73388 74203
Avinash Kumar 91235 76412
Parul Khanna 73072 04148



Student Engagement & Development Activities

Through student engagement, Student Engagement and Development Office (SEDO) provides students with support and opportunities that promote their holistic and multifaceted development.

SEDO facilitates various clubs and committees of students in fulfilling a variety of responsibility, ranging from managing day-to-day operations to organizing breathtaking events, thereby enhancing the student experience on campus.