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The Learning Resource Centre takes proactive measures to adapt to the changing demands of the academic community in order to provide high-quality services. The library maintains a dynamic hybrid collection to assist academics with state-of-the-art materials in the field of management and associated disciplines. This wide-ranging collection includes not just traditional print resources like books, magazines, newspapers, and CDs/DVDs, but also numerous electronic resources including electronic versions of these same items such as scholarly journals, books, databases, newspapers, and dissertations and theses.

The library extends its services both within the campus and beyond, providing remote access to subscribed electronic resources. This allows for seamless access to the library’s collection. These materials can be accessed remotely through an interface that is simple to use. The library’s operations have been automated, and the VTLS Virtual Library Management Software that manages the library has been seamlessly integrated with RFID Technology which has helped the library to become more effective.

Furthermore, the Institutional Digital Repository of the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi functions as a dedicated platform. The Learning Resource Centre accomplishes the tasks of assembling, archiving, maintaining, and spreading the intellectual achievements of its academic community as a result of its purposefully designed and systematically built framework. This comprehensive archive contains a diverse collection of academic works, including publications by faculty members, and theses and dissertations of the doctoral students.

Additionally, it houses various materials produced by the Institute, such as annual reports, conference proceedings, press clippings, photographs, videos, and various other digital documents.


Explore the extensive list of titles available at IIM Ranchi. Visit Library Online Catalogue. All the available electronic resources are available as follows:

Institutional Digital Repository

Explore the extensive list of titles available at IIM Ranchi. Visit Library Online Catalogue

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