Our Faculty

Varun Elembilassery

Assistant Professor
  • FPM (PhD) in HRM from XLRI Jamshedpur
  • B.Tech from MANIT Bhopal
Prof. Varun Elembilassery has done doctoral studies in HRM from XLRI Jamshedpur. As an academician, he was associated with reputed institutes like TAPMI-Manipal and IIM Sambalpur. Prior to Ph.D, he was associated with corporate firms for seven years (Automobile sector & Edu-tech Sector) and is also a gold-medallist from NIT-Bhopal. He has published several research articles and case studies in journals and repositories of international repute. In addition, he has also undertaken management development programs for several PSUs and private firms.

Teaching Areas

  • HRM
  • Organization Structure & Design


  • Assistant Professor @ IIM Sambalpur 2020 – 2021
  • Assistant Professor @ TAPMI Manipal 2019 – 2020
  • Industry
  • Assistant Manager @ Bajaj Auto Ltd 2006 to 2010
  • Regional Manager @ Yardstick Educational Initiatives Ltd 2011-2012

Training & Consulting Areas

  • Coal India: May 2021 (Participative Decision Making)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd: Dec 2020 & Jan 2021 (Talent Management)
  • Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd: Dec 2020 & Jan 2021 (Managing Employee Performance)

Research Area

  • Macro HRM
  • Contextual HRM

Current Research Interests

  • Learning & Education
  • HRM & Sustainability


    Journal Articles
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  • Case Studies Published
  • Elembilassery, V., Mathur, M., & Sudalai, P. (2022). MAGIS Infotech: Talent Management Concerns. IVEY Publishing. Product number: W26635.
  • Chabbra, S., & Elembilassery, V. (2022). Yardstick: In Search of Segment and Strategy in Education Industry. IVEY Publishing. Product number: W27114.
  • Elembilassery, V., Bhaskar, K. and Aggarwal, D. (Sept, 2019). Rolling drops: Nilkamal Wello Water Wheel, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 9(2), 1-25. ISSN: 2045-0621.
  • Elembilassery, V., Aggarwal, D. (May, 2019). Mexican Rodeo on Indian Streets. The Case Centre, UK. (Reference no. 319-0126-1).
  • Aggarwal, D., & Elembilassery, V. (Jun, 2018). Sustainable Finance in Emerging Markets: A venture Capital Investment Decision Dilemma. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, 7(2), 131-143. Sage [Scopus Indexed] ISSN: 2277-9779.
  • Book Reviews Published
  • Elembilassery, V. (Aug, 2016). Book Review: Theo Nichols and Huw Beynon, Living with Capitalism: Class Relations and the Modern Factory. Management and Labour Studies, 41(2), 165–168. [ABDC – C]
  • Elembilassery, V. (Nov, 2016). Book Review: John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea. Management and Labour Studies, 41(3), 261–265. [ABDC – C]
  • Book Chapters Published
  • Elembilassery, V. (2018). Framework for Developing PMS in the Context of Knowledge based Teams. In Vanka, S. & Rao, M. S., Sustainable Human Resource Management Practices, Policies and Perspectives in South Asia, Hyderabad: IBS (ISBN 9789353119225)
  • Aggarwal, D., & Elembilassery, V. (2018). Redefining Circular Economy: A New Typology of Reuse and Implications on E-waste Management. In Sustainability, Energy, Peace & Global Governance (pp.78-83). Bhubaneshwar: Xavier University Press. (ISBN – 987-81-932256-5-3)
  • Aggarwal, D., & Elembilassery, V. (2018). The Story of Missing Middle: SAIF Partners and Aye Finance. In A. K. Dey, & T. Thatchenkery, Advances in Social Change, Leadership & Organisational Decision Making (pp. 167-187). New Delhi: Bloomsbury (ISBN – 9789387471344)


  • Won Case Writing Scholarship 2018 By The Case Centre, UK for developing the case titled Mexican Rodeo on Indian Streets. Co-author Ms. Divya Aggarwal. Awarded in Dec, 2017.
  • Won the Sage Best Case Award At International Conference on Management Cases 2017, held on Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2017, organised by BIMTECH, India & George Mason University, USA.
  • Won the Best Paper Award (Student Category) at WIPRO XUB Sustainability Summit, held on 11-13 August, 2016, organized by Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.
  • Achieved Highest Performance Rating at Bajaj Auto Ltd for two consecutive years.
  • Won Gold Medal – Best All-Rounder Male Student at MANIT, Bhopal 2005-06.