For Highschool Students: Young Changemakers Programme


The Young Changemakers Programme stands out by making students live through the scenario, instead of providing hypothetical problems on a piece of paper or learning about social issues from a textbook. The participants are immersed as they witness the challenges faced by the community living in underprivileged areas first-hand.

Explore Tribal Areas

Get an opportunity to explore real tribal villages, tucked away from the masses.

Identify Challenges

Observe and identify key challenges faced by the individuals, while respecting the nuances.

Cultural Awareness

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Indian tribes, and learn about the lives of millions.

Develop Leadership

Be a leader of tomorrow by tackling real social challenges of our nation.

Co-Pilot Practical & Sustainable Solutions

Collaborate with the villagers to generate practical and sustainable solutions, and seize the opportunity to implement them with the assistance of IIM Ranchi.

Rural Immersion Bootcamp​

A four-day offline event (21th to 24th December 2023) at IIM Ranchi, a premiere business-school in India, designed for future leaders around the world passionate about social work and driven to create a sustainable and long-lasting impact.

This is paper to reality: understand the challenges by witnessing the hurdles faced by underprivileged communities, develop empathy, and hone your leadership skills as you create innovative solutions.

The 1st Young Changemakers Programme Cohort @ IIM Ranchi

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility: Grade 9-12 students (or) high school graduates in their gap year (not pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree), with minimum English proficiency.

Supporting Documents: Applicants must be able to provide any required supporting documents, such as but not limited to identification, proof of age, or academic transcripts, as requested by the institute for verification purposes

Commitment to Social Impact: Applicants should demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to social impact, community service, or related causes.

Important Dates

The selection process of domestic (India) applicants is over.
Only the selected students have been emailed.

International Registration