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Faculty Exchange Program

IIM Ranchi has collaborated with various eminent foreign universities for the Faculty Exchange Programme.

The agreements are mutual, inter-institutional agreements in which the expertise and services of one institute's faculty members are exchanged with the other. A faculty exchange will promote international teaching and research collaboration to the faculties of both institutions. The benefit of such an exchange program is that faculty gets exposure to different cultures, study environments and learns cross-cultural management which is very important in this era of globalization.

At IIM Ranchi, we believe that it is important for aspiring faculty to gain both international exposure and international perspective and at the same time benefit from the fresh trains of thoughts and new ideas that the foreign students have to offer.

This mutual learning experience, exposure, and growth opportunities are what we aim to foster.

This faculty exchange program will be designed specifically to create a platform for networking and communications among our international partners to drive the development of internationalization.

Recently Dr. Swarup Kumar Dutta, Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship took the Summer School at Ural Federal University, Russia on 9th July 2021 from 10.30 am IST to 11.45 am via virtual mode.

Dr. Swarup Kumar Dutta

The focus of the lectures at the Summer School was focused on the problems of overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic by companies, as well as on the creative industries in Russia and the world.

Most of the students of the Summer School were 1st-year students of master's programs in economics and management.