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How do I apply for an exchange programme?

If you want to become an exchange student you have to download the application form and submit it to the home institute ( ).

How are students selected?

Students need to download the application form available at IIM Ranchi website (, fill it, and submit to the concerned office/department in the home institution.

The home Institute will send the names of selected students to partner institute, after due verification and approval.

Applicants from IIM Ranchi and partner Institute/university will fill out application forms of the host institution. Students will be pre-selected by their home institutions with final acceptance made by the host institution. The host institution may refuse, with or without cause, to accept any pre-selected student, and the host institution shall not be liable for damages to the home institution as a result of the host institution’s refusal to accept any pre-selected student. Notwithstanding the foregoing, IIM Ranchi and partner institute/university agree not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, or national origin in the decision of whether to accept or reject a pre-selected student.
The students of IIM Ranchi, who are interested in student exchange programme, need to submit the completed application to the International Relations Office. They may be required to take part in a formal interview. Candidates are ranked upon their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CPGA) – academic and non-academic/extra-curricular activities. They may apply giving preference as 1,2,3.


Partner Institute will send confirmation of acceptance to the home institute.


When do I apply for an exchange programme? / What is the deadline for applications for student exchange?

It differs from Institute to Institute. Outgoing students may see the fact sheet of the concerned institute.


Refer to the application deadline information provided in IIM Ranchi website. No late applications will be accepted.


Which documents do I need to include in my application?

 Outgoing Students  Incoming Students
• Filled-in Registration Form
• Subject Choice Form
• Three coloured copies of valid passtport
• Two recent passport size photographs
• Filled-in Registration Form
• Subject Choice Form
• Three coloured copies of valid passtport
• Two recent passport size photographs
• Authorization letter from the home institute

What other documents are required to be submitted after I am selected for going on student exchange?

• A copy of your valid health insurance
• Proof of financial means
• Vaccination, if required.

What are the chances of being accepted into the programme?

If you meet the academic, health and other requirements of your chosen partner institute, you stand a chance for exchange programme. If the application form is incomplete or required supporting documents are not submitted, your application will be rejected.

When will I know I have been admitted?

Incoming students: The students will be pre-selected by their home institutions. The home institute sends the list of students with filled in application to the host institutions. After receiving the complete application documents, the International Office will send an acceptance letter to the International Office of partner institute. This letter will state about acceptance.

Outgoing students: The students will be pre-selected by a process decided by the International Relations Office, IIM Ranchi in consultation with the Academic Committee of the Institute. After receiving the confirmation from the host institutions, the International Office will inform the concerned students.


The final acceptance will be made by the host institution.


The host institution semester dates overlap with the home institute. Can I still go on that exchange?

It depends on the host institute, if it is able to make special arrangements for exchange students. You would need to double-check with the host institution. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements.


When can I participate in an exchange programme?

Usually it is in the 5th term (Sep. to Dec.). However, if the home institute is willing, we can also accommodate the exchange students during the 6th (Jan. to Mar.) term.

What happens if I am not selected for one of my preferred institutes/universities?

If you are selected by home institute but are not selected by host institute/university, you will be given one more chance to select another institute/university. This is applicable to only outgoing students.

What are my chances of being selected for exchange?

It depends on the no. of applicants and their choices of institute/university. Also, it depends on the no. of students to be sent to the host institute/university as per the MoU.


What are the English language requirements?

The home institution will ensure that the students they send are sufficiently proficient in English.

If I only speak English, can I still do an exchange?

Yes, the language of instruction is English. Only fluency in speaking, writing, reading of English language is compulsory.

Do you require formal proof of language ability under the Agreement for exchange?

Sending schools are responsible to ensure that students are capable of studying successfully at IIM Ranchi in English. We rely on the recommendation of the home institute.

Do I need to be fluent in any other language?

Local language experience is desirable, but not necessary.


Do you have on-campus housing for incoming students?

No. The Student Block of IIM Ranchi, situated in the residential area of the sports village, is located in Khelgaon, around 12 kilometers from the academic block. The Institute provides transportation between the off-campus housing and the campus free of charge.

Will I be provided with single accommodation or do I have to share the room?

Yes. Single room accommodation in 2 or 3 bedrooms flat with 1 or 2 common rest room(s) is provided to the incoming students. Each flat has a common kitchen with facility of gas & basic utensils.

Where can I find information about housing and accommodation?

Information about the accommodation that is offered can be found in the Fact Sheet of IIM Ranchi.

Is it also possible to find my own accommodation privately/Can I rent a room and stay away from the hostel?

No. You must stay in the accommodation provided by IIM Ranchi.


Will I need a visa? If yes, what type of visa is required for Student Exchange Programme?

Yes, Student Visa

When should I make a visa application?

It is essential to apply for the visa immediately after the Student Exchange Confirmation is received from host Institution.

URL for Indian Visa

URL for Immigration
Visit Bureau of Immigration, Government of India:


Will I need a Health Insurance Policy? / What is the requirement for Health Insurance?

Yes, it is compulsory. All incoming students are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage throughout the period of their stay at IIM Ranchi. Exchange students must purchase a health insurance policy which will accommodate all their health needs while studying at IIM Ranchi.

All outgoing students are required to get the Health Insurance Policy as per the host institute guidelines.

What does the insurance policy include?

The insurance policy covers your medical, accident and hospitalisation as well as repatriation, public liability and travel insurance.


What are the start and end dates of the programme?

The exact dates will be communicated by the International Office a few weeks before the start of the exchange programme. Refer the FACT SHEET of respective partner institutes.

How is the academic year structured?

At IIM Ranchi, the academic year is structured under trimester system: Jul-Aug, Sep-Dec & Jan-Mar

When does registration for courses take place?

For course planning purposes, pre-registration takes place shortly following the application deadline. Final course sign-up takes place during the Orientation period.

Do you have an Orientation Programme prior to the beginning of instruction?

Yes. Three days prior to the start of the semester. It is mandatory for all incoming students to attend the Orientation Programme.

If a course is not offered that I had chosen in exchange programme can I take another course?

Elective courses are open to exchange students. An elective course is offered if minimum 10/20 students are registered in the course including regular and exchange students. It may be possible to take another course if chosen course is not offered.

Are there restrictions on the courses incoming students may take?

No. It may be as per the requirement of home institute.

What is the minimum number of courses or credits incoming students must take each semester?

This must be determined by the Exchange Student’s home institute/university.

How do I pay the expenses incurred during my stay at the Hostel?

The hostel expenses have to be paid at the beginning of the Exchange Programme to the Accounts Department of IIM Ranchi in local currency only.

What are the living expenses?

Your daily expenses may include food, public transport, books, clothes etc. But you also need to take into account the costs for housing, phone, incidentals etc. For more information about living costs and other expenses we advise you to go through the Fact Sheet.


How can I obtain an official transcript?

After completing the courses at the IIM Ranchi, an official transcript, in a sealed envelope, will be directly sent to the International Office of home institute within two months from the end of the term.

What grading system do you use?

At IIM Ranchi the grading is:


Grade point




Can I use my credit card to cover all my expenses abroad?

Foreign travel is often more expensive than people plan for. Plan and budget. Before you leave, make arrangements for how you will get additional funds if needed. Have a little money already exchanged and in your pocket, so you can pay the cab when you arrive or buy a snack during a stopover. Note that some countries do not accept traveler’s cheques, and automatic teller machines may not be readily available

Who is the Academic Advisor for my Programme?

Chairperson, PGDM

I am an international student. Which exchange programmes do you offer?

You can apply for an exchange programme if your university has a bilateral agreement. Possible exchange programme depends on the specific agreement between your home university and IIM Ranchi. You can check this at your University.

When can I receive arrival information?

Final arrival information and information about the introduction period/start of the study programme will be sent to you by 15th July for the semester starting in September and by 15th September for the semester starting in December.

How do I get my student ID card?

The exchange student receives his student ID card during the registration day from the International Office during the introduction period.

I am an international student. Which exchange programmes do you offer?

You can apply for an exchange programme if your institute/university has a bilateral agreement possible exchange programmes depend on the specific agreement between your home university and IIM Ranchi.

I have a disability, is there support available for me?

Students with limited functionality or a chronic illness can contact the General Secretary or Joint Secretary of Students. This student can provide advice about provisions and facilities.

When can I receive arrival information?

Final arrival information and information about the introduction period/start of the study programme will be sent to you by July end.

Can I travel independently while I am overseas?

It is not desirable to travel alone, especially during night time.

If I am married, can my spouse accompany me?


Can I visit other places/cities within India?

Yes, you can see the Fact Sheet of IIM Ranchi and visit the places in and around Ranchi during your free time. You may also visit the nearby cities during the holidays in the term.

Can I work part-time when on exchange?


Can I speak to a former exchange student?

IIM Ranchi starting exchange programme from 2015.

Is there any financial assistance for students on exchanges?


Can I join the student committees/clubs during my stay at IIM Ranchi?

The concerned coordinator of Committee/Club can be contacted.

What sport clubs are available at IIM Ranchi?

The sports club run by students is titled Sports & Cultural Committee

Is there a doctor available on campus?

The doctor is available in the student hostel from 7:00am to 8:00am in the morning and at the institute the doctor is available from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

What is the tuition fees amount?

The tuition fee is to be paid at the home institute before coming for exchange programme.

Does IIM Ranchi provide any financial aid and/or scholarships for exchange students?

IIM Ranchi offers no financial aid and/or scholarships for exchange students.

Do you have a “buddy” system or other student support of incomings?

Yes. (Please let us know if you are interested upon your arrival to the IRO)